People want to be part of a community where their neighbors share their values. Today, that place is Waterbury and the community is Blue Ridge. Yiddishkeit is thriving in Waterbury – over 100 frum families have made it their home in the last five years alone! The community now features the world renowned Yeshiva Gedolah of Waterbury, a Kollel, Mesivta, a Yeshiva Ketana for boys and girls, a community Mikvah, Hatzalah, Chaverim, Bikur Cholim, and countless other communal organizations. Its prominent Rav will lead a broad array of Shiurim for men and women, and Pirchei/Bnos groups for children. In short, a move to Waterbury is a move to a thriving, frum community.

Blue Ridge Estates will have its own state of the art Shul with an outstanding young Rov. His leadership and influence will certainly enhance the community and all who reside there. The Eruv ensures an enjoyable Shabbos for everyone in the community, including women and children.

The Waterbury community has available: Kosher groceries, fresh bakery goods, fresh meats, a pizza/cafe restaurant, and a take out.
In addition, the community has its own Shatnes tester, Mohel, and Sofer.


Blue Ridge Estates in Waterbury – a life led by Torah values, providing a Torah life for the entire family.